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Headphones Aureol Fidelity

High-fidelity in-ear headphones



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Aureol Fidelity

Why we love this product

In-ear headphones with high-end neodymium magnet drivers within elegant aluminium enclosures. Enjoy transparent high-definition sound with all genres of music.

Key advantages at a glance

  • In-ear headphones for the audiophile on the go
  • Extremely natural, high resolution hifi sound<br />
  • Full volume - regardless of the source device
  • Optimal fit thanks to interchangeable earbuds
  • Travel case and additional accessories included
(4.51 of 5 out of 197)
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This elegant top model in our Aureol headphone series allows you to enjoy hifi playback of the very best kind – uncompromising and affordable.

Discreet in-hear headphones with truly hifi sound

A broad frequency range together with highly neutral tuning ensures a full and complex sound image. An ultra light membrane enables the Fidelity to produce silky highs and natural mid tones with minimal resonance. The absolute highlight? The bass.

These in-ear headpohnes devilver pure listening pleasure from just about any audio source, even with MP3 players or smartphones with limited volume reserves or attenuated bass signals at low volumes. Powerful neodymium high-definition drivers with a low impedance design helps the Fidelity to compensate for less than ideal audio signals, transforming just about every source device into a high-end hifi system.

Thanks to a total of 6 pairs of different, interchangeable and washable ear pieces made from soft silicon, the Aureol Fidelity is a snug fit for any ear. This serves two ends: It keeps the monitors in place and reduces disruptive outside noise to a minimum so that you can enjoy precise bass and lively tone from even low resolution MP3 files .

The robust cable with kink protection as well as a massive metal enclosure guarantee long-wearing audio enjoyment. A special synthetic coating prevents noise being transmitted from the body through the cable. A 6.35 mm stereo jack adapter, airplane adapter, practical travel bag, and cleaning cloth make the Aureol Fidelity the ultimate travel companion.

Hifi on the go can be affordable – the Aureol Fidelity is proof. Experience a new level of aural enjoyment for under € 100.

Included components

  • 1× silicone ear pieces (6 pairs)
  • 1× travel case
  • 1× airplane adapter
  • 1× Headphones Aureol Fidelity


  • Aureol Fidelity

    Headphones Aureol Fidelity

    The Aureol Fidelity are in-ear headphoones with an extremely transparent sound thanks to neodymium drivers. In addition, the Fidelity are able to coax optimal levels from any playback device and are fashioned from premium aluminium for a high-end look and feel. Interchangeable ear pieces, a transport case and other accessories are included with delivery.

    • Description Item
      Width 1.10 cm
      Weight 0.01 kg
      Height 1.10 cm
      Depth 2.10 cm
    • Description Item
      Cable length 1,25 m
      Miscellaneous Connection: 3.5 mm mini-jack
    • Description Item
      Frequency range from/to 20 - 20000 Hz
      Impedance 16 Ohm
      Miscellaneous Magnet: Neodym

Expert reviews

Product Ratings
(4.51 of 5 out of 197)
very attractive product
very light, beautifully styled and well fitting headphones, with good sound.
(automatically translated *)
datail Rich sound
The Teufels Aureol in Ears sound very detailed. I use them for everything from country to hard rock, with my focus on the interplay of all instruments rather than the mega bass. They're made for this! The cable makes a solid impression and the equipment including accessories leaves nothing to be desired. All around a successful package. A word about the volume: I can only drive the HTC one M8 level just above the middle, so I still have enough reserves. The only disadvantage: Due to the great amount of detail in ears I had to scrap my old mp3 recordings, because they only sound terrible. But there's always something . . .
Packaging, accessories and processing top. But....
I was very excited and full of anticipation when I ordered the headphones. The delivery was fast and reliable. The packaging is top, a little too elaborate for my taste. Accessories abundant, top. The first time I heard it I was surprised by the brilliance and resolution, super! But then, on the next piece of music, what kind of bass is that? I can't. Sounds like somebody's hitting a tin can. No matter which setting I chose on my iphone - it didn't get any better. Whether rock/pop or classical always the same. Too bad - I gave the headphones back because I expect more for the price.
there's no worse way
Unfortunately, Teufel does not seem to attach much importance to the processing of the products. I had heard a lot of good things and then decided to buy the headphones - as an alternative to Bose. While unpacking the headphones fell apart and I had two parts in my hand connected by a small cable. Here the quality management has obviously messed up. An unthinkable item for 100 Euros - but I don't even want to know what that might be like with complete systems. For me, the Teufel is a thing of the past - not least because the gentleman on the hotline has not even apologised for the mistake.
Noble optics, outstanding sound
First of all, the high-quality packaging and comprehensive accessories are impressive. If you do not find the right ear pad in this selection, you should have your auricle examined. Perfect then, as accustomed by the Teufel, the sound. Voluminous, balanced and clear - simply leaves nothing to be desired. To be recommended unconditionally!
Incredibly good !
The packaging alone makes a lot of difference, but in the end it's the headphones that make the difference. Everything is very high quality processed and makes a very good impression. But now to the most important: the sound. This one surprised me very positively: Well-dosed bass tones. Clear and unobtrusive mids and highs. "Wide stage". I hadn't expected that in this price segment. Teufel convinces me again and again ! Very clear purchase recommendation !
Absolutely top!
In combination with Galaxy S7 Edge Poweramp my absolute sound reference. Very clean and balanced sound - even with exaggerated basses absolutely level safe. Thank you Teufel
(automatically translated *)
Great sound, good workmanship with weak point
The headphones have a rich and balanced sound, as I expected. Rich bass and for my taste cleaner, but moderate treble. The accessories and complete package is of high value and very extensive. Should adapt to any ear and even in two colors the attachments. The only shortcoming I can detect is the plug. Despite replacement (good service) the plug does not sit optimally in the socket of several iPhone 6. When the plug is turned, the sound signal changes negatively and I can hear noise or cracking. If the plug has a good position, hold it and enjoy music.
High End Earphones
First-class workmanship. This starts with the professional copper cable, high quality shielded and ends with the excellent wearing comfort. This can be used for jogging, in contrast to Apple or Samsung products these remain firmly in the ear and do not fall out during movements. And there's more real sound in the "Dr Beat", not so artificial. Distortion factor at its finest, no distortion and natural bass. Shielding to the outside also perfect. You don't annoy anybody in the S-Bshn. Okay costs a lot, but it's worth every cent. I've got Teufels' speakers too. Enjoy
Clear thing - a hearing pleasure
After the almost price-same "final Audio Heaven II" in-ear headphones, which sound very high resolution, rich in detail but low bass and rather thin, I hoped for a bit more. So: connect Mac to my USB 2.0 D/A converter/headphone amplifier (FiiO), plug in Aureol® Fidelity, listen to the first track without bass boost and ... Yes! Finally, that's how it's supposed to sound! First a piece with acoustics and polyphonic singing: Mumford and Sons "The Boxer". There is a lot of detail in the guitars, wide and enough bass and the individual voices seem to come from different positions! Next is a pure double bass piece by Nenad Vasilic "See You at Eleven". Proximity at low tones, high further "outside" in the room every clack of grasping yes even breathing can be heard quietly! It feels like sitting next to the musician. Then there is Manu Delago's Hang piece - just as beautiful as the sounds float through the "space". I can't stop anymore. (All music files are either uncompressed .wav or Apple lossless .m4a) It's the perfect HiFi addition for on the go! Perfect sound: No exaggeration at any pitch, maybe a little bass, but that's exactly my taste. I can only recommend! Excellent price/performance ratio!
* Automatically translated by DeepL