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Wireless Wonder

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REAL BLUE [Highlight XL]

Why we love this product

Music, audio books and videos are all just a tap away. The REAL Blue delivers pure, Hi-Fi sound from all your Bluetooth streams for wireless listening enjoyment anywhere.

REAL BLUE [Highlight XL]

Key advantages at a glance

  • Over-ear Bluetooth headphones with authentic hi-fi sound
  • A continuation of the award-winning REAL headphones with CD-quality Bluetooth sound
  • Integrated speakerphone function for handsfree calls, skype chats or voice commands via Siri or OK Google
  • Smart touch controls on the ear cups for controlling music selections and taking calls
  • Feature large, linear HD drivers, a ventilation chamber and neodymium magnets for high, distortion-free levels
  • High capacity lithium ion battery with quick charge function delivers up 30+ hr. runtimes
  • Incredible wearing comfort thanks to a lightweight, robust design with large, soft and well-ventilated ear cups (no pressure points)
  • Sophisticated folding mechanism and transport box for easy storage
(4.71 of 5 out of 656)
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Sound matters

The new REAL prove that you can really get open sound from closed headphones. Developed here in Berlin, the new REAL headphones are worthy successors to our previous models, withgreat noise cancellation, a transparent, detailed sound image and rich bass.

Ventilated rear chamber
Unique in this price class. Reduces distortion and creates and open, clear sound.
Acoustic tuning plate
Balances the frequency response and ensures accurate playback.
Copper-plated aluminium coil
Great performance and minimum distortion even at high levels.
Suitable for glasses-wearers
Low pressure for long listening sessions. Non-abrasive and sweat-resistant.
Teufel Overear Kopfhörer REAL BLUE NC
Acoustic shielding
Made from hard-wearing, sturdy plastic for long durability and the best possible sound reproduction.
First-class sound transducer
HD driver with ultra-light membrane and neodynium magnets. Ensures deep bass and balanced mid- and high-tones.
Special fabric covers
Anti-bacterial covers allow even higher frequencies to pass through the ear pads unimpeded and ventilate the ears.

For any style of music

"We have tuned the REAL in such a way that they are perfectly suitable for listening to all styles of music. With the REAL, you don't need to worry about unclean bass, sharp highs or missing mid-tones - everything plays just how it should."

Robert Reinke, product designer at Teufel

Teufel Overear Kopfhörer REAL BLUE

Teufel Overear Kopfhörer REAL BLUE
For strong guitar sound you need a well-defined mid-frequency range. The REAL leaves nothing to be desired.
Teufel Overear Kopfhörer REAL BLUE
The REAL allows you to hear all details of every genre, producing clear high-tones and a transparent sound image. A light outer membrance offers high pulse distribution.
Teufel Overear Kopfhörer REAL BLUE
Deep bass makes the perfect finishing touch. The REAL produces audio just how it was intended to sound.

Wireless sound at its best

Our products guarantee a clean, stable Bluetooth connection with minimal power consumption. Ranges of over 10 metres can be achieved.

Funktioniert für Systeme mit Android.

Stream music, film sound or games from your smartphone, tablet, notebook, PC or Mac.
Enjoy the best sound whatever way you like to.

On the lips sound

Video sound from e.g. YouTube or other apps and games is smooth and lip-synchronized.

Play what you like

YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Navigation – everything goes. The REAL can reach high volumes on all playback devices (smartphone, tablet, PC, iPod, games console etc.) thanks to low impedance. A separate cable and in-line control is included.

Teufel Overear REAL BLUE Bluetooth

Voice Control

You can give commands to Siri and Google Voice via the microphone on the cable remote even with your smartphone still in your pocket.

Siri, play me something from Daft Punk!
Icon - Phone
OK Google, when is the next flight to Berlin?
Icon - Phone
Siri, call Mum.
Icon - Phone
OK Google, turn up the volume.
Icon - Phone

Music at your fingertips

Bluetooth connected, you are ready to go with a tap of the touch screen. Control different features without being interrupted by clicking noises.

Teufel Overear REAL BLUE
Icon - Hand
Controlling music and calls
Touch the middle of the panel once to play or pause music, and answer or end calls. Touch the middle of the panel twice to mute the player. Press and hold the middle of the panel to reect a call.
Teufel Overear REAL BLUE
Icon - Pfeile (beidseitig)
Icon - Hand
Controlling volume
Drag your finger up or down to increase or decrease the volume.
Teufel Overear REAL BLUE
Icon - Pfeile (beidseitig)
Icon - Hand
Controlling other functions
Drag your finger from right to left or left to right to play the next or previous song or hold an active call and take a waiting call.

Long battery life

The REAL is one of the few headphones that can really last the whole day. It can be charged within a few hours via USB connection.

30 hr

with Bluetooth

REAL BLUE - black - Lifestyle 11
Overear null REAL BLUE Schwarz
REAL BLUE - black - Lifestyle 15
REAL BLUE - black - Lifestyle 16

    Included components

    • 1× 0.6 m Cable Micro-USB to USB
    • 1× 3.5-mm-jack-cable (1.3 m) incl. Inline-RC
    • 1× Transport bag including accessory bag
    • 1× REAL BLUE
    Overear Kopfhörer REAL



      Music, audio books and videos are all just a tap away. The REAL Blue delivers pure, Hi-Fi sound from all your Bluetooth streams for wireless listening enjoyment anywhere.

      • Description Item
        Weight 0.25 kg
        Miscellaneous RoHS compliant REACH compliant
      • Description Item
        Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
        Miscellaneous Microphone noise reduction, microphone echo cancellation
        Bluetooth Yes
        Bluetooth Yes
        Speakerphone function Yes
        Miscellaneous Micro-USB-A charging socket
        USB 2.0 ja
      • Description Item
        Battery type Lithium-ion
      • Description Item
        Cable length 1,3 m
      • Description Item
        Enclosure type Closed
        Enclosure material Plastic, metal
        Miscellaneous Magnet: neodymium
        Frequency range from/to 20 -20000 Hz
        Impedance 16 Ohm
        Miscellaneous Sensitivity: 98 +- 4 dB @ 1 kHz, 1 mW

    Expert reviews

    Product Ratings
    (4.71 of 5 out of 656)
    Magnificent sound
    I've never really been one for headphones, but this one has changed my opinion. What a great sound and fits nicely on the ears. No pressure or pain after wearing. However, controlling the music via the touchscreen on the earpiece does not work for me at all.
    Real Blue
    This is the first time I have bought a Teufel product and I am very satisfied with the quality and the operation. It was also very easy to pair the headphones with the tablet or mobile phone. The sound is very good and completely sufficient for me.
    Super comfortable and great sounding headphones
    I am thrilled with the Real Blue headphones. Rich sound and great workmanship.
    (automatically translated *)
    Rating - Red Blue
    I have to admit that it was time to replace my old (wired, 20 years) headphones with new ones. My new Teufel Red Blue are a blast. I am so pleasantly surprised by the great sound that I don't want to take the headphones off again. At 150 euros, the price is very reasonable for a great product. I listen to music most of the time and my wife watches something on TV, but I still don't miss active noise cancelling (I don't hear anything from the TV).The only thing I regret is that the charging port doesn't have the new USB-C port, because I usually have the new Type C on almost all devices (no twisting).Otherwise, I'm super happy with the Red Blue.
    Perfect for me
    I like to listen to loud music. It can be dance and beat-heavy. Compared to my very high-quality in-ear headphones, which are excellent for their rich sound, the Teufel is clearly better! Of course, over-ear has advantages in this respect, and it has to have them. The Blutooth connection to my Huawei P20 works flawlessly, even when constantly switching between the two pairs of headphones (in-ear mainly for sports, Teufel over-ear since recently at home), both start immediately after unpacking (in-ear) or activating (Teufel) and remain stable.
    Very good service, very good product
    Valid information on ordering and shipping. And above all: great headphones! Very well made, comfortable to wear and a good sound. Absolutely harmonious. They really give a lot of pleasure!
    (automatically translated *)
    Very good headphones
    Very well made, nice sound and beautiful design.
    (automatically translated *)
    I am thrilled for the sound as well as the battery that brings its performance! TOP!
    (automatically translated *)
    Very good headphones
    I did not go wrong with the purchase of these Bluetooth headphones. I can recommend these headphones with a clear conscience.
    (automatically translated *)
    Simply classy
    Super Sound Great Battery Buy Buy Buy
    (automatically translated *)
    * Automatically translated by DeepL