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Ultima Center

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Colour: Black
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Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3 C Center-Lautsprecher Schwarz von Teufel

Key advantages at a glance

  • Centre speaker for Ultima 40 and 20 surround systems
  • Components: 1 x UL C Mk3 centre speaker
  • Use: centre or rear-centre
  • Position: wall / shelf / stand
  • Power rating: 100 / 150-Watt
(4.94 of 5 out of 16)
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A centre speaker with that little bit extra

Two large mid-range drivers in a D'Appolito arrangement ensure powerful, distortion-free sound and high speech intelligibility for games and movies - even at low volumes. The sound is of course exactly matched to the Ultima 40 or 20. It can be easily mounted on the wall, but thanks to its slim design, it also looks great on a stand or on a shelf.

Teufel Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3 Center-Lautsprecher

Included components

  • 1× Centre speaker UL 40 C Mk3 18
Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3 C Center-Lautsprecher


  • Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3 C Center-Lautsprecher Schwarz von Teufel

    Centre speaker UL 40 C Mk3 18

    High-end Hi-Fi centre speaker

    • Description Item
      Width 42.00 cm
      Weight 5.70 kg
      Height 16.90 cm
      Miscellaneous Tiefe mit Schutzgitter: 17,1 cm Tiefe mit Schutzgitter und Wandhalter:18,5 cm
      Depth 15.90 cm
    • Description Item
      Terminal clamps Schraubklemmen, vergoldet
    • Description Item
      Suitable for banana plug Yes
      Maximum cable diameter 4.00 mm
      Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
      Tweeter (diameter) 25.00 mm
      Tweeter (material) Gewebe
      Bass/Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 2
      Bass/Midrange driver (diameter) 130.00 mm
      Bass/Midrange driver (material) Kevlar/Fiberglas mit verchromten Phase Plug
      Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 100 Watt
      Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 88 dB
      Frequency range from/to 90 - 20.000 Hz
      Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 150 Watt
      Maximum sound pressure level 107 dB/1m
      Impedance 4-8 Ohm

Expert reviews

Product Ratings
(4.94 of 5 out of 16)
Great product, clear and precise sound complements the ultima 40 speakers. I am very happy with the Teufel brand. All the products are great, but especially the sound, the lyrics, the music and the movies are very clear. I am very pleased with the quality of the products and the quality of the sound. I am very pleased with the quality of the products and the quality of the sound.
Great centre with great sound
I bought the excellently finished centre speaker - in white - to go with a pair of white Ultima 40 Mk3 stereo speakers in order to have a balanced and well-balanced sound in my home cinema. The centre does the job as expected: clear dialogue with sufficient reserves for sound effects and cinema music. Great highs and rich mids, and even in the upper bass frequencies there's still enough punch for a centre. I was actually surprised by the very good sound in the receiver's 7.1 music reproduction. Here, the centre shines just as much as the Ulitma 40 - even if, due to the system, with less bass. A superbly tuned system. Bravo! I would buy it again at any time! Next up is the purchase of a T 4000 Wireless. The centre is superbly packaged and miraculously survived an apparent blow from a pickaxe through the cardboard box without damage. If the puncture had happened on the front instead of the back, it would probably have been a total loss. Just as with the Ultima 40, no criticism of Teufel, who did a great job with the packaging. Apparently, parcel service providers don't give a damn about their job these days..... :(I'm using the speakers with an RX-V685, tuned with a microphone. I mainly listen to (hard) rock, metal, classical music and watch movies. A little tip: The centre is quite big! Before you buy it, you should make a box with the same dimensions and put it under the TV on / in the furniture so you know what to expect. I was aware of the dimensions, but was a little - positively - surprised ;)
First things first: Very nice speaker, high quality and looks good. Great sound, I can hear everything at once and differentiate the sound. I'm thrilled, it's great value for money. I didn't have a centre until now and the difference is enormous.
Very satisfied
The centre not only looks good, it also does its job perfectly. The price-performance ratio is super, it definitely plays in the upper league.
(automatically translated *)
Tip Top Teufel!
I switched from System 5 THX Select to Ultima 5.0. Great thing, the 40s for stereo and the centre and 20s as rears. At the moment I don't even miss the sub. Price-performance ratio, a clear recommendation, great sound, and in white they really look good, not too obtrusive. Cream white or light grey fronts would be the icing on the cake, maybe I'll take the trouble.
Good sound, visually top
The centre has a very good, warm and clear sound, and the combination with the Ultima 40 and Ultima 20 is an absolute listening pleasure. The coherence of the system is mega. The centre is visually very good! Due to its size, it has a very good volume, which is reflected in the sound.
Super complement to the CM2140SW subwoofer
The Ultima 20 as front satellites paired with this centre speaker are the best combination for me in terms of sound. It's a shame that they're not available as a set, but I had to replace all the speakers in my household anyway because the Teufel speakers were so much better in terms of sound and, above all, much more discreet than the Hifi towers, which are getting a bit long in the tooth.
Very good product
Suitable for column enclosures. A subwoofer will soon be added. Other people I know go shopping at Teufel. Being a border worker I would pay a visit to the shop.
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The perfect centre
The perfect complement to the Ultima 40
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Very beautiful
Fast delivery and very good quality
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