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Setting the bar for sound


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All Soundbars products: 35 Results
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Product listing

All Soundbars products: 35 Results


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Soundbars for better TV sound

Despite many flat screen TVs offering great sound, many are still looking for the real home cinema experience. One major issue with investing in a home cinema set is the space the 5 or more speakers need. Another issue is setting up the sound system can be a challenge. However, this can all be avoided with soundbars.

Soundbars can easily be installed above or below and be connected directly to the TV, and normally they only require space that was unused anyway. The installation is also easy, usually just requiring one HDMI cable between the soundbar and TV. As for the sound, modern soundbars can replace entire home cinema systems.

More information on this site:

Virtual surround technology for a rich sound experience

The sucess receipt for our soundbars is - heavy performance in a little space, intelligents applied. Hence, why in a soundbar more drivers are integrated. The drivers are indvidually controlled, so that a virtual surround sound can be created, which is similar to that of a "real" home cinema system. 

So the listener has the impression that they're listening to a 5.1 system with rear loudspeakers. This is thanks to the clever playback codec such as Dynamore Ultra, Dolby Virtual Speaker or Sonic Emotion Absoluste 3D. This technoloy generates virtual sound sources and thus virtual surround sound by means of sound reflections, time of flight and level differences. 

Teufel Soundbars simulate something that isn't real. The acoustic with best acoustic - also known as the sweet spot - can be better than home cinema system.  
Teufel Soundbars simulieren damit überzeugend, was in Wirklichkeit nicht vorhanden ist. Der Bereich mit der besten Akustik - auch als Sweet Spot bezeichnet – kann dabei sogar größer sein, als bei herkömmlichen Heimkino-Anlagen.

Multi-functional thanks to Bluetooth

All soundbars posess a inbuilt amplifier and therefore, are ready-to-play sound solutions. You just need a connection to power and the TV for a rich home cinema sound. Meaning, moderen soundbars offer a varity if use purposes, such as music streaming via Bluetooth (includes apt-X) or wirelessly, as well as ports for players such as Blu-ray/CD players and computer consoles.   

To ensure that soundbars are multi-functional, we pack the sound systems with two of the following ports: 
  • Digital input: whether optisch or coxial you can easily connect with players or TV recievers.
  • AUX input: with this connection you can connect a CD player or similar devices.
  • Sub Out – if you're looking for more bass, you can connect a subwoofer.

More and more soundbars come with HDMI ports, which allow you to connect directly to your TV. The advantage - one cable between the soundbar and TV and TV automatically setups the entire device. Via ARC/CEC the soundbar can also be operated directly via the TV.

Our products with a Bluetooth port:

  • Cinebar One
  • Cinebar Duett
  • Cinebar Trios
  • Cinebar Pro

Sounddeck – the cousin of the soundbar

Teufel also offers sounddecks amongst its range of soundbars, including the Cinebase and the Teufel Sounddeck Steaming. Sounddecks are built wider as soundbars and more stable, so that you can sit a TV directly on top of one. Apart from that a subwoofer is integrated into the sounddeck. This makes them the perfect solution for TV sideboards. The TV is just placed directly on top of the sounddeck and the fun can start.  

THX soundbar

The design of our soundbars are compact, and the speakers are refined. In the inner bar 2- or 3-way systems are integrated that can perform authentic sound at any frequency or sound level. 

A THX soundbar complies with the highest demand from George Lucas (Star Wars) THX certificate and ensure perfect tone quality and audio transmission. So if you're looking for a rich sound, you should check out our Cinebar 52 THX. The 2 tweeters and midrange drivers of the soundbar are supported by a 250 watt subwoofer for lower frequnces and together they deliver a rich sound. 

Soundbars with optional rear loudspeakers

Certain Teufel soundbars offer an option to expand the set with rear loudspeakers Teufel Effekt or like the Trios series with a surround speaker. So if you're still looking for a richer home cinema sound, you can easily upgrade your set with the rear speakrs, or just buy them together.
Soundbars that work with the rear speakers:

  • Cinebar Pro
  • Ultima 40 Aktiv
Configure with Rear loudspeakers
  • Cinebar Trios > Cinesystem Trios

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