Theater 500S

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Theater 500S

Concerto piccolo

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Theater 500S - Set

Why we love this product

The Theater 500S is the ideal pair of stereo bookshelf speakers for discriminating listeners. Enjoy gorgeous stereophonic sound from the same premium acoustic technology used in the 500S’s big brother, the Theater 500 tower speakers.

Key advantages at a glance

  • Premium stereo bookshelf speakers with 2-way technology
  • Impressive balanced playback with music, movies and games
  • Precision Time Alignment Technology for a detailed, well-structured soundstage
  • Waveguide and Constant Directivity Concept ensures everyone in the room enjoys the same sound
  • Downfiring bass reflex system makes it possible to place the speakers directly against a wall
  • Mid-bass drivers employ high amperage Kevlar membranes protected by grilles that adhere magnetically
  • Suitable for amplifiers with at least 30 watts per channel, bi-wiring possible, for rooms up to 30 m²
  • For placement on a shelf or lowboard
(4.72 of 5 out of 69)
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Bookshelf speakers for exceptional sound

The Theater 500S are suitable for all types of music including demanding genres like classical, jazz and electronic. A balanced, natural sound ensures years of listening enjoyment. The Theater 500S are for those who want to hear exactly what the artist and sound engineered intended with every recording.
Teufel Heimkino-Lautsprecher Theater 500S

Downward-facing bass reflex system

The Theater 500S uses a downward-facing bass reflex system for anywhere room placement. A special oversized vent prevents the creation of wind noise at high volume levels.
Teufel Heimkino-Lautsprecher Theater 500S Downfiring Bassreflexsystem

Teufel Time Alignment Technology

The Theater 500S’s recessed tweeter corrects differences in propagation time for a well-structured sound. Vocals, instruments and sound effects are rendered clearly and with great naturalness. Just like a live event, you’ll be able to distinguish the relative positions of the instruments and vocalists to each other.
Teufel Heimkino-Lautsprecher Theater 500S Membran

Constant Directivity Concept

A newly designed wave guide and phase plug give the system a broad and even sound dispersion. This makes it possible for everyone in the room to enjoy the same well-blended sound with excellent speech intelligibility and localisation.

2-way system

Our engineers constructed the Theater 500S with a crossover frequency outside of the human vocal range. This gives voices and instruments an incredibly natural sound.

Simply great sound

The system’s crossover was kept simple in order to compensate for any phase shifts. The result is an especially balanced soundstage. At the same time, the midbass driver is capable of enormous levels and powerful bass thanks to its high power handling abilities. When it comes to bass, the Theater 500S is one of the most powerful bookshelf speakers out there.

Included components

  • 2× Shelf Speaker T 500S FR 16 (pcs)
Theater 500S - Outline [SVG]


  • Theater 500S - T 500 S

    Shelf Speaker T 500S FR 16 (pcs)

    • Description Item
      Width 20.00 cm
      Weight 7.75 kg
      Height 47.40 cm
      Depth 22.80 cm
    • Description Item
      High Level loudspeaker inputs 1
      Terminal clamps Screw terminals, gold plated
      Minimum amplifier output power recommended 50 Watt
    • Description Item
      Suitable for AV receiver Yes
      Suitable for banana plug Yes
      Maximum cable diameter 4.00 mm
      Acoustic principle 2-Way-System
      Equalisation openings (pos.) Underside
      Equalisation openings 1
      Diameter of the stand screw threads 6.00 mm
      Enclosure type Bass reflex
      Enclosure material MDF
      Enclosure surface MDF/Lacquer
      Net internal volume 12 Litres
      Spikes prepared Yes
      Integrated stand Yes
      Wall mounting brackets Yes
      Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
      Tweeter (diameter) 25.00 mm
      Tweeter (material) Fabric
      Bass/Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 1
      Bass/Midrange driver (diameter) 160.00 mm
      Bass/Midrange driver (material) Kevlar
      Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 90 Watt
      Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 86 dB
      Frequency range from/to 56 - 21000 Hz
      Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 120 Watt
      Maximum sound pressure level 105 dB/1m
      Impedance 4 - 8 Ohm
      Crossover frequency internal switch 1600 Hz

Expert reviews

Product Ratings
(4.72 of 5 out of 69)
Top speakers and top support
The Theater 500S have replaced a 15 year old Logitech 2.1 system on my PC. Mainly for listening to music (metal, rock, pop) and gaming, now and then also a film or a series via a streaming service.I don't have to say much about the difference in sound compared to the old Logitech system with its 4cm full-range speaker and the small passive radiator "subwoofer" with its 8cm driver.It's a difference like night and day, and it would be bad if it wasn't. I believe or imagine that I hear things that I didn't perceive before, such as the sliding of the fingers over the bass or guitar strings.Without equalizer settings, the Theater 500S play very clearly and perhaps even a little flat in the bass range. But if you adjust the EQ accordingly, the speakers come out with a lot of bass. Unfortunately, you have to drive at levels that are not quite as neighbour-friendly. Sooner or later, I will add a subwoofer to have a little more bass even at "normal" volumes. I had planned to upgrade the system to 5.1 or possibly even 7.1 for gaming and movies anyway. However, I still have a small space problem and the right AV is missing. Currently, the two speakers are driven by a small 2-channel Class D. I ordered the speakers without listening to them beforehand, after reading about them on the Internet for several weeks and looking at various products. There is somehow no "in between". It seems you have to love them or hate them. Are there speakers that sound better? There certainly are, but I would argue that you have to pay a lot more for them and whether you can hear the difference yourself or whether it only "sounds" better on paper remains to be seen.I am more than satisfied with the price-performance ratio of the Theater 500S, but to be fair I have to say that I bought them in a sale with another free product (Teufel Move Pro), which makes the effective price a little different from the RRP.Finally, a big thumbs up to Teufel Support!
Teufel outdoes itself once again. The Theater 500 S is a listening pleasure in all areas from metal to classical music. Especially in metal, you can hear the scratching of the guitar strings' plectrum. As an old musician and audio freak, I definitely recommend the speakers. Keep up the good work.many thanks......Liebe Grüße der Sven
What a sound! Fantastic!
At first, I hesitated to order them: speakers that have to travel all the way via transport services? I did not trust that. But they were very well packaged. That turned out not to be a problem at all. And then the sound: fantastic! There is nothing more to say. 8-week exchange guarantee? That won't be necessary: you won't get them back!
Super good sound
The Theater 500S have a very pleasant sound. Like other Teufel speakers, they are a little more bass-heavy than competitors' speakers, but don't seem boomy.Visually, the (quite large) "shelf" speakers are a real eye-catcher, both without and with the magnetic grilles.The speakers are heavy and stand very securely, only the small foam rubber feet supplied leave something to be desired.I am very satisfied with my purchase and will definitely recommend the Theater 500S!
That's what I wanted
The speakers arrived within 48 hours of my order. Visually and sonically, they completely fulfil my expectations.
(automatically translated *)
A quiet loudspeaker
I use the speakers on a vintage stereo system (Revox B750 Mk II amplifier) in the study. Having used a Teufel Cinebar 51 on the TV for years, I'm a little disappointed by the lack of liveliness I get from the Theater 500S. Perhaps I should have been warned by the description "English sound, strongest bass for a shelf speaker". However, the strong bass foundation suits background listening at low levels (study !). On the other hand, for the price of the pair, one should not expect any sensations.
Small power pack
I have been able to call the Theater 500 surround set my own for about 4 weeks now and because I unfortunately don't have the space for the floorstanding speakers, the Teufel support team recommended the 500s to me and I was not disappointed! The sound they produce is unbelievable. Only the interaction with the S6000 SW was a bit tricky, but with a bit of patience it works. I can only recommend them for those who don't have the space for floorstanding speakers. A little tip for the sound check, set the subwoofer in the avr menu to no, so the 500s are fired with the full frequency and you can hear what they can do! Thanks again to the support team for their patience with me 🙂😉
Absolutely recommendable
I'm thrilled 😆😆👍👍👍
(automatically translated *)
I am satisfied with the purchase shr sound and workmanship very good
(automatically translated *)
Very convincing!
The speakers impress with crystal-clear sound across the entire frequency range. Rich bass, clear treble for mainstream pop as well as classical music. I have the speakers connected to a Yamaha A - S 201 and I am very enthusiastic.
* Automatically translated by DeepL