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The perfect connector for your music system

AUX cables

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6 Products

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AUX cable for good sound

The right connection cable for your hi-fi system is an important factor for good sound. High-quality Aux cables from Teufel offer you the highest quality at extremely fair prices. Discover our connection cables that will drive your system's sound to its peak.

Quality Aux cables from Teufel

The Stereo RCA Aux Cable from Teufel is a real all-rounder: With the Stereo RCA to Stereo RCA Cable, you can connect CD players, TVs and multimedia sets in analogue to your amplifier or AV receiver or signal sources and control units. The materials used are of high quality and expertly processed. The classic red/white marking makes connecting the components very easy.

What is the difference between RCA cable and AUX cable?

Besides  Cinch cable the Internet, the AUX cable appears more often. However, AUX cable is actually misleading, because "AUX" technically refers to all analogue inputs of a device. An AUX cable is, therefore, nothing more than a cable that can occupy an analogue input, regardless of the connector shape. However, since "AUX" is often used as the designated input designation, the AUX cable has become a common colloquial term.

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