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Special effect experts

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Colour: Black
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Effekt Lautsprecher von Teufel Schwarz

Why we love this product

It has never been so easy to turn selected Teufel home cinema systems into a real surround set such as the Cinebar Pro and the Ultima 40 Active (new). The effect rear speakers are controlled wirelessly and have integrated amplifiers.

Key advantages at a glance

  • Active rear-stereo speaker pair to correct ultimate surround sound experience, connectable with Cinebar Pro and Ultima 40 Active (new)
  • Integrated highly efficient Class-D amplifier for low power consumption
  • Wireless control for Cinebar Pro
  • Sophisticated 2-way system with wide sound dispersion and long-throw mid-range drivers for rich, clear levels from any listening position
  • Simple setup, range of up to 15 m, automatic on/off function
  • Sits flat and discreetly against the wall, with a subtle, matte finish
  • Suitable for Dolby, DTS and other surround or stereo content
  • Integrated wall bracket, can also be placed on stands or on a shelf
(4.81 of 5 out of 21)
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Included components

  • 2× Effekt satellite speakers (pcs)
Effekt [Outline]


  • Effekt satellite speakers (pcs)

    • Description Item
      Width 11.20 cm
      Weight 0.96 kg
      Height 15.30 cm
      Depth 11.20 cm
    • Description Item
      Automatic on/off Yes
      Miscellaneous 4-metre long power cable
      Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
      Standby-Function Yes
      Standby-Power consumption 0.50 watt
      Output performance amplifier: Satellites 35 W
      Amplifier technology Class-D
      Amplifier channels 2
    • Description Item
      Acoustic principle 2-Way-System
      Enclosure type Closed
      Enclosure material Plastic
      Enclosure surface Housing: silk matte / grille: glossy
      Keyhole plate mounted Yes
      Miscellaneous Compatible speaker stands: Teufel AC 1001
      Wall mounting brackets Yes
      Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
      Tweeter (diameter) 19.00 mm
      Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 1
      Midrange driver (diameter) 76.00 mm
      Frequency range from/to 120 - 20000 Hz

Expert reviews

Product Ratings
(4.81 of 5 out of 21)
Very satisfied
My living room is not small but not so big that I can build a huge system. So at the beginning of 2021 I bought the Soundbar Duett 2.1 with subwoofer. The sound is very good but not everywhere. I only noticed this since I bought the effect speakers as an extension. My couch is right up against the wall. So I can only put the speakers next to me on the wall and not behind me. I also got the Teufel wall brackets. This allows me to align the speakers a little horizontally and vertically. What can I say. The surround sound is much better, even if I don't have the option of placing the effect behind the couch.The sound is clear and I can adjust the volume via my soundbar.The effect connects easily with my Duett 2.1 as soon as I switch it on.The bluray "David Gilmour Live in Pompeii" sounds much more spatial right away.The investment in the effect has definitely paid off.
Wireless Rear Speaker 🔈 from Teufel 😈
Top 🔝
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Very good effect speakers
Good sound. Easy to set up for the first time. Everything is fine.
(automatically translated *)
Stunning sound backdrop
I thought about it for a long time because they are a bit more expensive at 400€, but they have paid off.
(automatically translated *)
Really good sound. Top workmanship. Wall mount could be improved slightly
(automatically translated *)
At the top
I'm really happy with teufel, it sounds really good. I also have a huge T10 box and a really great sound bar. Thank you again.
(automatically translated *)
The perfect complement to the "Cinebar Pro
After two months of consideration, I bought the effect speakers as a supplement to my Cinebar Pro.After I was finally able to decide the battle with the required software update in my favour, the effect speakers connected effortlessly.At this point, it should be said that the battle with the software update was more due to my own "incompetence" and my amateurish handling of Google Home than that it was due to the Cinebar.In my opinion, the effect speakers are the perfect complement to the Cinebar Pro.The already very good surround sound improves again very significantly and thus forms a "COMPLETE" system.If you are thinking about it, my advice is: "Order, install, enjoy!"If I had to criticise something, it would be that the colour of the power cable is not selectable, or that it is permanently installed in the speaker. This circumstance makes the use of a "simple" speaker stand impossible for my requirements, as the cable cannot be laid in the standpipe.
Small but nice... (with addiction factor)
It gives a kind of 'airiness' to even the dullest stereo recordings. The sound comes to me and is not stuck somewhere between the wall and the soundbar. I can't do without it now, the sometimes somewhat obtrusive 'dynamore' is now a thing of the past. Personal tip: set -1 db less with the test tone.
Klasse Rearspeaker!!!
Now my living room is filled with sound! Listening to music is a pleasure! Watching football is like being in a stadium! Purchase of Cinebar Lux and Rearspeaker not ready and only recommend!Price performance is ok! Thank you!
Do what you are supposed to
After I bought the Cinebar, it was clear to me relatively quickly that I had to have the effect speakers and I haven't regretted it. Simple installation, plug in the power cable and connect - done. Didn't take 5 minutes. High-quality workmanship. In music mode, they function as normal speakers. Clear purchase recommendation
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