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Marketing & Sales


Teufel ist eine echte Love-Brand, wir haben Fans, die uns seit vielen Jahren kaufen, feiern und unterstützen. Damit das so bleibt führen wir unsere Marke selbst. Online, auf Social Media und in unseren Stores zeigen wir, was Teufel so außergewöhnlich macht.

Rob Peters

“We are in contact with the final customer and really want them to embrace our products.”

Rob, Chief Revenue Officer

"At Teufel, I have always experienced a very cooperative management style that I pass on to my team."

Olivera, Head of Social Media & Reputation Management


„At Teufel, there is always an expert that I can go to ask questions, and that is really nice because I as a person got to grow and got to see my impact on Teufel growing.”

Jonathan, Junior Manager, Online Marketing

"A consistent design language is also central to our advertising presence. We conceptualise and design everything in-house. From our digital campaigns to our brand magazine and all product launches."

Simone, Head of Graphics

Karriere - Team - Grafik - Simone

"We have an incredibly large variety of personalities, nationalities of all kinds, and so everyone brings their own flair with them."

Sandra, Sales Consultant