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Made for live

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Why we love this product

The ROCKSTER AIR 2 has arrived to set a new bar in mobile, battery-powered Bluetooth speakers. Precision engineered here in Berlin to conjure extreme sound levels out of its innovative electroacoustics and make your crowd go wild. Its extensive feature set makes it the ideal choice for any use.

Key advantages at a glance

  • Portable, active high-end Bluetooth event speaker for music, the stage, parties, gigs, public speaking, and performing; battery-powered, plug-and-play
  • Balanced, high-resolution audio with kickbass as deep as the Mariana Trench, yet high fidelity and volumes up to 103 dB (RMS, 1 m) and 115 dB (Peak, 1 m) making it the loudest speaker in its size class. Well suited for groups up to around 80 people in stereo configuration
  • High-definition compression driver with Constant Directivity Waveguide for sparkling, silky trebles even at high volumes, broad audio dispersion pattern for crisp, intelligible speech no matter where you're standing, 250-mm long-throw woofer for distortion-free playback with well-defined punch and natural mids. This is not your grandaddy's PA, this is HIFI at extreme volumes
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX, aptX HD and AAC for lossless wireless transmission from iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc. Pair two ROCKSTER AIR 2s wirelessly for use in stereo configuration, or chain up to 10 ROCKSTER AIR 2s together with XLR cables to use in DJ mode
  • Inputs for microphone, instruments (such as guitar) and AUX. Mix it all with Bluetooth, adjust the dynamics, efficient Class-D power amplifiers with 32-bit DSP
  • 58 hours of battery life on a single charge at medium volume levels. Eco-mode can extend runtimes. Replaceable high-capacity Lithium-LiFePO4 battery with deep discharge protection, 12-Volt car battery cable available as an accessory, can run on AC power without battery, robust, lightweight, low-resonance housing
  • deuter x Teufel ROCKSTER AIR 2 Backpack accessory available to make it a cinch to carry around town. Four carrying handles for easy transport, illuminated control panel, USB-C powerbank function, 35 mm tripod mount, compatible with K&M speaker stand
  • More features coming in 2024: Rain Cover: can be used while playing. Replacement battery. ROCKSTER app for additional settings
Accessories not included
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"...In terms of sound, it will blow you away with the deep bass and high volumes..."
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Made for live

Get ready for a whole new class of listening experience. The ROCKSTER AIR 2 can play any kind of music in top quality: from techno to rock, pop, jazz, or classical. It's also perfect for speaking, public events, or any other use you can imagine.

Revolves around you

Get to know your new ROCKSTER AIR 2 from every angle. Click to zoom.

Get ready for your audio powerhouse.

The acoustic setup is unrivaled by any other speaker in its size category.

  1. Constant Directivity Waveguide helps the sound waves travel farther horizontally, meaning all listeners, whether they're standing to the left or way to the right will be able to enjoy clear trebles and amazingly crisp speech.
  2. Built-in compression driver reaches tones as low as 22 kHz while providing particularly airy, detailed reproduction with excellent efficiency, keeping distortion to a minimum.
  3. Midwoofer along with 32-bit DSP and class-D power amplifier provide particularly natural mid-tones almost on the level of a true 3-way system.
  4. The ROCKSTER AIR 2's true hallmark is clear, tight, deep bass with no artificial overemphasis.
  5. Huge bass reflex ports placed high on the unit minimize flow noise and keep grit and dust out.

Lighter than you'd think

Weighing in at just 14.1 kg and equipped with four carrying handles, you can take the ROCKSTER AIR 2 anywhere.

Up and away

Optional deuter x Teufel ROCKSTER AIR 2 Backpack makes it a cinch to carry around.

Performance without limits

DJ mixer mode allows you to connect up to 5 ROCKSTER AIR 2s per side via XLR cable for a total of 10 possible speakers.

ROCKSTERS and ROCKSTER AIRs can also be connected to the ROCKSTER AIR 2  via XLR cable. They are backward compatible.

Team player

Use Party Link Stereo Mode to pair 2 ROCKSTER AIR 2s together wirelessly for stereo sound. You can select which ROCKSTER AIR 2 plays left or right channel. Monophonic playback is also possible if the goal is simply to double up on volume.

Like a powered mixer

Volume can be individually controlled for all inputs such as guitar and microphone.

Mad connections

Want to make a speech, play with your band in a park, or jam out with music from your phone? With a ROCKSTER AIR 2, you can do it all.

Good to go all day and all night

Battery runtimes of up to 58 hours possible at medium volumes. The lithium LiFePO4 battery comes with deep discharge protection, does not leak, is extremely safe, has high cycle stability, and can also run well below freezing temperatures.

Connect a standard 12-volt car battery with the ROCKSTER car battery link cable.

The ROCKSTER AIR 2 can also be powered by AC without a battery, or with an empty battery. The maximum volume is unaffected.

Changing the battery is this quick and easy.

    Your all-purpose speaker

    Use it to charge a smartphone with powerbank function.

    35-mm stand mount. Fits the K&M speaker stand

      Bluetooth: high fidelity wireless audio

      Our products provide clean, stable Bluetooth connection with minimal power consumption at ranges from 10 meters and up.

      Funktioniert für Systeme mit Android.
      Funktioniert an Windows Geräten

      Stream music, movies, or games from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or Mac.

      All operating systems supported.

      Perfectly synced

      The sound and video always match whether you're gaming or watching TV.

      AAC is a technology that ensures CD-like quality for audio streams when the sender and receiver device support it. AAC is supported by Chromecast built-in, Android devices, and iOS devices.


      AAC is now a widely used Bluetooth codec, similar to Qualcomm's apt-X, which provides CD-like quality for wireless transmission as long as both transmitter and receiver support the codec. AAC is supported by Android and iOS devices.

      Bluetooth aptX

      Qualcomm aptX

      Qualcomm aptX is a Bluetooth codec which, similar to AAC, delivers CD-quality audio wirelessly. Both sending and receiving device must support this codec in order to use it. AptX is supported by Android devices as well as Mac OS.

      Qualcomm aptX HD

      Qualcomm aptX HD supports lossless audio transmission in true CD quality. Both sender and receiver must support this codec. AptX is supported on Android devices and Mac OS.


      ROCKSTER AIR Bluetooth Verstärker DJ Schwarz von Teufel
      4.0 with aptX
      Up to 10 m
      14.5 kg
      30 hours
      50 - 20000 Hz
      112 dB (at 1 m)
      5.0 with aptX, aptX HD and AAC
      Up to 15 m
      14.1 kg
      58 hours
      47 - 22000 Hz
      115 dB (at 1 m)
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      Included components

      • 1 × ROCKSTER AIR 2 battery – Black
      • 1 × Power cable – Black
      Accessories not included


      • ROCKSTER AIR 2

        The ROCKSTER AIR 2 has arrived to set a new bar in mobile, battery-powered Bluetooth speakers. Precision engineered here in Berlin to conjure extreme sound levels out of its innovative electroacoustics and make your crowd go wild. Its extensive feature set makes it the ideal choice for any use.

        • Description Item
          Width 32,3 cm
          Height 58,9 cm
          Depth 34,4 cm
          Weight 14,15 kg
        • Description Item
          XLR output 1
          AUX Yes
          Stereo jack 6.3mm - in 1
          XLR microphone input 1
          Bluetooth Yes
          Bluetooth 5.0 Yes
          Bluetooth AAC Yes
          Bluetooth aptX Yes
          USB C Yes
          Bluetooth aptX-HD Yes
          Guitar input Yes
        • Description Item
          Android Yes
          iOS Yes
          Microsoft Yes
        • Description Item
          Battery life at medium volume 58 h
          Battery capacity 7.800 mAh
          Battery type Lithium iron phosphate
          Power supply voltage 230 V
          Automatic on/off Yes
          External battery connection Yes
          Powerbank Yes
          Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
          Standby-Function Yes
          DJ mixer Yes
          Total power output capacity (RMS) 80 W
          Amplifier technology Class D by Texas Instruments
          Amplifier channels 2
        • Description Item
          Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
          Tweeter (diameter) 25 mm
          Tweeter (material) Polypropylen
          Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
          Woofer (diameter) 250 mm
          Woofer (material) cellulose
          Frequency range 47 - 22000 Hz
          Maximum sound pressure level 115 dB/1m
          Acoustic principle 2-way-system
          Enclosure type Bass reflex
          Coverage area 80° (horizontal) x 40° (vertical), Constant Directivity radiation pattern

      Expert reviews

      Logo hifi.de
      "...In terms of sound, it will blow you away with the deep bass and high volumes..."
      Logo hifi.de

      "Teufel's Rockster Air 2 is lighter, rounder, and easier to transport than the predecessor. It delivers impressive sound with lots of bass, high maximum volume and long battery life for your next party.""...In terms of sound, it will blow you away with the deep bass and high volumes, which can admittedly be too much for quiet music sessions. However, the sound will reach to the farthest corner of any space even in loud, outdoor locations."